Your First 30 Days of Strength Training

If you are new to exercising and want to make the absolute best use of your first month, start here. In these 30 days, we will guide you step-by-step on the most important training concepts so that you have a solid foundation to move forward and achieve your health goals.

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What Will I Learn From These 30 Days?


Essential Movements

This 30-day training program contains all the essential movements that will help lay a solid foundation for fitness success, now and in the future.

Proper Form

Each day contains images and videos along with a text transcript, letting you take a look at how each of the movements is performed.

The Missing Textbook

On the rest days, we give you different readings about topics like cheat meals, nutrition, and training partners so you can understand things maybe not found in traditional textbooks.

Who Is This

Training Program


Those Who Have Never Lifted Before

Those Who Like Structure In Their Training

Those Who Want The Best First 30 Days Of Strength Training Possible

So… How Does it Work?

To the left is a glimpse of what Day 1 looks like. As you can see, at the beginning is an introduction to the day, followed by the different exercises that are to be completed for the day.

You also have the option to watch a video of the movement and can read through the text as well.

Finally, you can see the different muscles that are used for the exercise.

To see all the exercises on Day 1, click here. 

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